We Bet You'll Never Throw Another Avocado Seed Once You Read This!

The following is a list of the top benefits of eating avocado seeds. Prepare to be amazed. 

- Prevents heart disease and stroke
70% of the antioxidants in the avocado fruit can be found in the seed. The oil in the seed helps in preventing heart disease.

-Helps against sweeling in the gastrointestinal tract
The seed has properties which help anyone who suffers from gastrointestinal swelling. 

-Eases pain from gastric ulcer
The antioxidants, known as phenolic compounds, have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. These can help in healing the digestive healing.

Prepare your avocado seed by just slicing it open, crushing it with a hammer, then putting it in a blended to make it into a fine powder. Sprinkle the powder in your meals.