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Skin, being the outer most part of our body, is exposed to different substances in the environment making it one of the most ill-treated parts of the body, according to Femina. Our skin gets to experience, air and water pollution, heat from the sun and even insect bites and many other scenarios. Making us search for ways to rejuvenate our skin and maintain its glow despite of the factors that can affect our skin.

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Several people use a ritual every morning and before sleeping to achieve a better looking skin called ‘skin icing’. According to Theindianspot, one of the most famous beauty rituals that helps achieve a good loking skin is through skin icing. Due to the variety of benefits provided by skin icing, many beauty experts use this method in skin care treatments and spas.

Here are some of the benefits of using skin icing that could help us maintain and protect our skin.

1. Glowing Skin

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According to Wellnessbin, blood circulation can be improved which provides healthy natural glow from our skin. Applying ice cube fruits to your face is recommended to achieve a more radiant healthy natural glow.

2. Reduces Blemishes

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The inflammation and redness caused by pimples and blemishes can be lessened with the use of skin icing. Every night and day, apply ice cubes directy to area of pimples until it becomes numb.

3. Dark Circle Treatment

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Those dark circles under our eyes can really be annoying. Fortunately, skin icing can help remove those pesky dark circles. Frozen cucumber juice and rose water mixture can be used to remove those eye circles. It helps reduce the puffiness caused by late night activities.

4. Fresher eyes and less puffiness

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You can see that the person is tired by how the eyes are looking all puffy and droopy. For immediate relief, prepare an iced water and dip some cotton balls or eye pads for a few seconds, squeeze them and gently place them in your eyelids to make your reduce your eye bags or reduce the puffiness of your under eye. You can also drop some rose water to the iced water for a more refreshing feeling.

You can also eliminate the puffiness under your eyes by preparing simple ingredients like ice cubes and gauze or soft cloth will do. Gently dab around the puffy eyes moving from the inner eye corners up towards the eyebrow in a circular motion. Some of the experts suggested to do this routine using iced coffee cubes instead of just ice cubes. The reason behind this is the caffeine in your coffee has constrictive effects which will totally eliminate the puffiness under your eyes. There are other options like green tea cubes if you are not a coffee lover person.

5. Keeps the makeup sealed in

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Skin irritation or other harmful side effects after prolonged usage or regular application of makeup can definitely cause several problems to the skin. You can lessen the damage caused by applying ice on the face since it constricts the pores and creates a barrier on the skin. This said barrier prevents the makeup from seeping in the skin thus the harmful side effects are reduced.

The result of the makeup also becomes better since the base or the skin is smooth and blemish-free due to the icing. And since the oiliness of the skin Is reduced, the makeup may probably for a longer period of time on the face.

6. Lessen the signs of aging

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You can try to use ice cubes made with soothing oil like lavender oil or even just rose water every night before sleeping. The frequent icing of the face will reduce the merging of wrinkles and tighten your skin due to its tightening effect. Regular icing can result in younger looking skin that you can see within a couple of weeks. For exfoliating purposes, you can freeze milk and use it on the face for natural removal of old skin cells. And for extra freshness, add cucumber and blueberries to the milk.

Source: Wellnessbin

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