Here are 12 things you should take note of to have a decent sleep

Nowadays, many people complain about not having enough rest and sleep. Often times, they blame the “system” which is basically either their job or school. What we don’t realize, however, is that one of the major reasons why we lack sleep is our way of life.
It is crucial for both our physical body and mental health to have enough rest. This allows our entirety to restart and re-boost. It also helps in preventing our bodies for catching illnesses of any kind. In an article by MD Health Tips, they listed out 12 habits that we should avoid in exchange for a decent sleep.

Their first on the list is to refrain from drinking a lot of water before going to sleep. We all know that when there’s too much liquid in our bodies we tend to go to the “loo” every now and then. And when you drink plenty of water before you snooze off, you’ll probably end up waking up in the middle of the night just to pee.

Next on the list is to create a schedule for your bedtime. According to the article, sleeping at different times every day will confuse the brain. The wrote that you may find yourself sleeping longer by day and less by night time. Create a schedule so your body can feel when it’s about to shut down for the day.

Two hours prior to bedtime, avoid going to the kitchen to eat some “midnight snack.” Having a full stomach can either keep you awake or irritate you, or both. This also prevents us from experiencing tummy aches and bloatedness before bed.

We know the next one is pretty difficult to do for most people, but RND Health Tips recommend to put your electronic devices as far away as possible at least 1 hour before you decide to sleep. Having your smartphones on your bedside will force you to check it every now and then when a notification would pop up.

Buy the perfect alarm clock. In connection to the tip before this one, they also strongly recommend investing on an alarm clock. Yes, we know, smartphones have alarm clocks and it’s very convenient, but having an alarm clock can be much more beneficial. If you do buy an alarm clock, choose the high-quality ones with dimmer numbers.

Sixth on the list is the most simple and obvious one: Invest on a comfortable bed. Not all beds are comfortable. if you want to get a decent snooze every night, keep it clean, keep it soft the way you like it.

If you’re a bookworm who is used to reading before bed, you might want to avoid doing it for a while. If you love books, we’re pretty sure you don’t stop when the story gets good. So before it does, just close your book, sleep, and finish it the next day.

Eighth, instead of sleeping on your stomach or back, try sleeping on your side, a side you’re comfortable with.

Have a blanket near you. Sometimes in the middle of our sleep, we either get too hot or too cold. Having a blanket solves that problem. Make sure to keep it where you can reach it without having to stand up.Have a bedtime routine!

The perfect rest includes feeling clean and fresh. Take a shower or wash your face and always brush your teeth.

If you are a coffee drinker, have your last coffee at least four hours before you doze off. We already know what caffeine does, we wouldn’t want that in bed with us at night.
Lastly, stretch a little! Three to four hours before bed, prepare yourself by stretching.

So, those were the 12 tips from RND. Based on all of them, it will obviously require a great deal of disciplne. But, if it means having a healthier body and an uninterrupted sleep? We’re in.




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