Home remedies for your feet problems!

Many of us suffer from feet problems such as corns and calluses. According to WebMD, most corns appear on the tops and sides of the feet.

There are two types of corns, hard corns which is a small patch of thick, dysfunctional skin cells, and soft corns which contain a thinner surface found mostly in between fifth and fourth toes.
Callus is caused by fricition on the surface of the body that is why calluses can appear in any part of the body. Calluses are usually found on the bottom of the feet due to friction of the feet with your footwear while walking.

Despite having these pesky feet problems, did you know that there are home remedies you can do to treat these? Here are some ways you can do to treat these problems at home.

1. Lemon
Lemon can be used to treat corns by directly applkying lemon peel to the affected area. The lemon peel should be secured on the affected are by putting a bandage on the peel and leave it on overnight while sleeping to treat the corn. This should be done every night until the corns disappear according to Reader’s Digest.

2. Bread
According to Reader’s Digest, soaking half a slice of stale bread on apple cider vinegar and then directly applying on the affected area on the foot and securing it with adhesive tape can help in treating your corn problems.

3. Chamomile and Epsom Salt
Making a nourishing, fragrant foot soak out of chamomile and Epsom salt is very effective in treating calluses and corns, according to The Fit Indian. To make this foot soak, add a handful of Epsom salt in a hot foot bath with chamomile tea. Soak your feet into the foot bath for some time and then use pumice stone to remove the calluses and corns on your feet.

4. Pineapple
Pineapple can also be used in removing corns due to the enzymes that pineapple contains which can help soften the corns for easier removal. According to Heal Dove, apply directly a piece of pineapple in the affected area of the foot and leave it on overnight. In the morning, use a pumice stone to gently remove the corns on your feet.

5. Onion
According to Reader’s Digest, applying a white onion directly to the affected area of the foot with corns can help in its treatment. To do this, marinate the white onion in white vinegar during the day. During the night, directly apply the onion soaked in white vinegar to the corns on your feet. Leave it on overnight to make the corns softer.

Source: ReadDigest

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