Watch out for these symptoms, you might be having a heart failure!

Heart conditions are one of the most fatal illnesses. Having heart complications should be taken seriously and is advised to seek for medical attention. Many people suffer from this condition due to unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet. According to MedicalNewsToday, smoking and obesity can contribute greatly to heart complications.

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Some of these heart issues do not give clear symptoms when you are experiencing a heart failure. Unlike in the movies where a person experiencing heart failure suddenly clutches his chest and falls to the ground, this is not always the sign of heart failure. There are many symptoms of heart failure which does not happen in your chest. These are some of the symptoms of heart failure that we might miss which we all should take note:

1. Cold Sweat

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Our body recognize heart failure as acute stressor which makes the body reacts as fight or flight. This scenario will result to a person whose experiencing heart failure to have cold sweats. Even though we sometimes feel cold sweats normally, we should still be aware because it might be a sign that you are already having a heart failure.

2. Nausea

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Experiencing nausea without any reason may prompt you that you are having a heart failure. Overworked parasympathetic nervous system causes nausea which does not normally occur in a healthy person so this should be taken in very seriously.

3. Heartburn

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Heartburn can be caused by many simple factors including gulping too much air while eating or drinking which makes us complacent and worry less. But did you know that heartburn can also be a sign that you are having a heart failure? When blood flow in your arteries is reduced, same feeling as heartburn can be felt that is why we should all be aware if this sign occurs. Some signs of heartburn includes, burning in the chest, burning in the throat, trouble swallowing, and discomfort. Heartburn can occur normally, but with these other symptoms, we should all be aware for it may signal us that we are having a heart failure.

There are also other symptoms of having a heart failure. Experiencing a sudden anxiety such as having a panic [redacted] can be a symptom of heart failure. Fast heart rate can also prompt an impending heart failure especially if other symptoms such as hortness of breath, nausea, and weakness are experienced.

Prevention is always better than cure so we should all be aware and keep our bodies healthy.

Source: Stethnews

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