Check out this 1-week cabbage diet guide

Several people do not know Cabbage Soup Diet can help people who struggle in dropping some pounds. According to WellnessBin, this cabbage soup diet is very efficient in losing 10 pounds in just 1 week proven by celebrities, fashion icons and health experts.

Based on the its nutritional content, cabbage has a low calorie content in which you won’t be worrying about gaining weight when eating a lot of cabbages. The antioxidants that cabbages contain help protect our bodies from free radicals and weight gain.

To help you achieve losing weight, here is the 1-week guide in losing 10 pounds with the use of cabbage soup, according to wellnessbin.

Day 1: Get a good intake of fruits aside from the cabbage soup except bananas. From day 1, eating different kind of fruits throughout the day is recommended by WellnessBin. Be aware to not eat bananas during this day.

Day 2: Eat vegetables without beans, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. Eating green leafy vegetables can be taken in your 2nd day aside from the cabbage soup. Just remember to avoid those starchy ones so that your blood sugar won’t rise.

Day 3: Feast on fruits and vegetables: throughout your 3rd day, eat fruits and vegetables as many as you want but still avoid bananas and starchy vegetables. Do not forget your cabbage soup throughout the day to help fill your stomach.

Day 4: On your day 4, you can now feast on bananas. According to WellnessBin, the potassium and other minerals that banana contains can help fill up your stomach quickly. Aside from bananas, do not forget your cabbage soup to acquire enough liquids along with the antioxidants and other nutrients for enhanced metabolism.

Day 5: Eat 20 ounces of beef or chicken without skin. During the 5th day of your cabbage soup diet, you are allowed to eat up to 20 ounces of beef and chicken without skin which will provide protein to your body to avoid muscles losing form.

Day 6: Eat a lot of vegetables and beef. On your 6th day, according to WellnessBin, you are recommended to eat more meat as long as you balance it with your vegetable intake and cabbage soup. Remember to avoid starchy vegetables to avoid rising of your blood sugar.

Day7: On your last day, side your cabbage soup with vegetables as many as you want along with your cabbage soup. You may notice some change in your weight in just a week, according to WellnessBin.

According to WellnessBin, the excess fats and toxins in your body will be eliminated because of the cabbage soup diet. You should also remember to get 8 glasses of water daily along with the recommended foods in the diet.

Source: wellnessbin


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