Health benefits of guyabano that you might not know

Soursop or commonly knonw in the Philippines as “guyabano” is a large, spiny, green tropical fruit that is usually used in many beverages, ice creams, desserts and othjer foods, according to Ethostop. Guyabano is a popular fruit here in the Philippines with its fibrous texture when eaten. Aside from its uses as a food, guyabano also provides a lot of health benefits which is very beneficial for health due to its nutritional contents. These are some of guayabano’s health benefits:


1. Guyabano can help eliminate malformed cells.
According to ArtikuloNews, the greatest benefit that guyabano can provide is that it can help in reducing the growth of malformed cells in the body which helps in the treatment of this illness. However, it is still under study regarding the guyabano’s efficiency in treating this illness.

2. Guyabano can reduce arthritic swelling.
According to ArtikuloNews, studies on rats show that consuming guyabano leaf extracts orally in just two weeks can counter inflammatory proteins such as TNF -α and IL-1β. Due to this, swelling caused by arthritis can be reduced to 70% up to 80%. Despite the tests made in rats, it is still not yet tested on human subjects.

3. Guyabano contains anti-inflammatory properties.
Guyabano can help lessen inflammation through the excess antioxidants it can provide for the immune system which can protect the body from the free radicals.

4. Guyabano can also supply essential nutrients.
Did you know that guyabano also contains a lot of important nutrients that are needed by our body? Guyabano has a high amount of nutrients which includes, iron, calcium, sodium, copper at magnesium. Adding guyabano in your diet can really help maintain your body in a healthy and good shape.

5. Guyabano can protect the body from infections.
Guyabano can also be a good treatment against infections caused by bacteria and viruses due to its anti-infection property. The leaf extract of the guyabano can help our body fight against infections such as trypanosomiasis, malaria and many others.

6. Guyabano can also help aid wounds faster.
Guyabano leaves can also be a very effective alternative in treating skin complications. Because of the anti-inflammatory compounds, guyabano really helps in treating wounds. According to ArtikuloNews, a test was conducted to prove if guava can help treat wounds. The study was conducted on rats, which says that the guyabano extract can be applied directly to the affected area in the body which can enhance the healing property of our body.


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