Risks you might face if you are calcium deficient

Calcium is a macromineral needed by our body not only for us to acquire strong bones but also for many other things. Calcium is very important for the nails, teeth, muscles and also for our immune system. It is not always an option to consume calcium supplements to make sure that you are getting the right amount of calcium daily.

A lot of foods contain high amounts of calcium which can easily secure your daily calcium intake including milk, cheese, yogurt, and canned sardines and salmon. Beans, peas, bok choi, kale, turnip greens, oranges, nuts, seeds and oatmeal can also provide you with calcium for your daily intake. But sometimes, in this fast pacing society we live in, we tend to neglect our bodies with the proper amount of calcium that should be taken by our bodies which can lead to calcium related illnesses. These are some of the complications you may face if you neglect your body with the proper calcium intake.

1. Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is an illness caused by weak bones due to low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissues. Because of this condition, people may suffer and be more prone to bone fractures even from a minor unintentional fall. To reduce the risk of having osteoporosis, it is essential to have a diet with high amount of calcium to strengthen the bones. A healthier lifestyle such as having a regular exercise may also help in reducing the risk of having osteoporosis.

2. Muscle Cramps
Having muscle cramps can really give you a hard time especially if you enjoy strenuous activities such as jogging, swimming or cycling. According to 1mHealthTips, calcium deficiency can increase the risk of your muscles experiencing cramps. Lack of calcium may also leave your muscles exhausted and in pain.

3. Increases the risk of having illnesses and infections
Believe it or not, calcium is an important macromineral that can enhance the immune system of our body. If you constantly experience cough, cold, flu, allergies and other infections, you might want to you daily calcium intake because your immune system might not be in good shape.

4. Brittle Nails
If your nails easily crack, you might be calcium deficient. To avoid this scenario, add calcium-rich foods in your diet because like bones, nails gets stronger with the help of calcium.

5. Tooth Decay
The health of our teeth also depends on the calcium in our body. If you want to maintain your set of teeth for your perfect smile, you might want to consume calcium rich-foods daily. Tooth decay is one of the signs if your body is calcium deficient.


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